Something to Latch On To (Hood Latch Safety)

January 28, 2024

The other day, a driver was trying to open his vehicle's hood so he could add some windshield washer fluid. But when he pulled the hood release inside the car, nothing happened. Usually, opening any hood is a 2-step process. You pull the hood release (which is usually a handle under the dashbo... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Bonita Springs: Making a Battery Last Longer

January 21, 2024

One thing all Bonita Springs drivers can do to extend the life of their battery is to keep it clean. A greasy, dirty battery holds in damaging heat. Same goes for removing corrosion from the terminals. Tuffy Bonita Springs can help maintain your battery.Allowing your battery to be deeply depleted... More

Protecting Your Vehicle from Theft in Bonita Springs, Florida

January 14, 2024

Every car in Bonita Springs, Florida, is at risk for theft. So it's up to us to make our cars a less appealing target and more of a challenge hopefully sending potential thieves to look elsewhere.The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends a layered approach to protecting vehicles: Common se... More

The Tuffy Bonita Springs Guide to Saving Fuel: Get Rid of Dirty Oil

January 7, 2024

A lot of us drivers are asking ourselves the same question lately: how can we save on fuel? Bonita Springs area residents are all cutting back, if not in fuel consumption, then in other areas of our lives. Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance is an important way people in Bonita Springs ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Bonita Springs: Making Your A/C System Last Longer

January 1, 2024

Bonita Springs drivers know that if their air conditioning system isnt making cool air like it used to, there is a problem. It may be as simple as adding more of the right kind of refrigerant.Your A/C requires special compressor oil, which circulates through the system along with the refrigerant,... More