Automotive Detective Work in Bonita Springs

December 5, 2021

There's a reason we use the word diagnose when we talk about fixing cars in Bonita Springs. Figuring out what's wrong with your vehicle has a lot of similarities to figuring out what's wrong with someone who is ill. Vehicles are a mass of complex systems that can produce a variety of symptoms wh... More

On Board Diagnostics for Your Engine

September 29, 2021

Starting in 1996, Tuffy Bonita Springs service technicians have been able to use a standardized diagnostic system to help determine what is wrong with a vehicle. This diagnostic system works in tandem with the Engine Control Modules for each vehicle's engine. The Engine Control Module is a comput... More

Diagnosing Your Vehicle at Tuffy Bonita Springs in Bonita Springs

May 31, 2021

When we Bonita Springs residents get a car repair bill, we really shouldn't be surprised to find diagnostic fees as one of the line items. When we get a computer fixed, there is usually a charge for the time it takes to diagnose the problem. When we go to a medical doctor, most of his fee is for ... More